As a freelance translator I have been able to establish myself with the world's leading language service providers in the financial sector. Among my direct clients are investment banks, rating agencies and insurance companies. Many have become regulars who keep coming back for what they require most: experience and reliability to get the quality they need and deserve.

I have extensive experience in translating stock and bond market reports, investment research, annual and semi-annual reports, fund reports and prospectuses, Key Investor Information Documents, memoranda & articles of association, marketing materials, ad hoc announcements and legal documents for the financial sector.

With the changing regulatory framework, new reporting and disclosure requirements have to be met all the time. The directives UCITS IV and UCITS V have seemingly relaxed the translation requirements for product documentation.

However, only companies who are willing to reach their clients in their respective languages will have the edge and gain their investors’ trust. My expertise ensures that your message is translated reliably from the most important language of the financial markets - English - to one of the most important European languages in the financial sector - German.